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Roland RPC-1  RBUS to PCI Card

With the RPC-1 installed in your PC, a single R-BUS cable is all it takes to route 8 channels of 24-bit/96kHz digital audio between the Roland VS-2480 and a computer. Since the 2480 has two R-BUS connections, you can use two of these in your PC or Mac to bring in 16 channels of digital audio from your 2480.

(Note: This product has been discontinued, and is currently only available on the 2nd hand market.)

The RPC-1 card was designed and developed by Roland to assist Roland VS2480 users in the transfer of digital audio to and from their PC/Mac computers.

It offers 8 channels of pristine 44.1 to 96kHz of 24 bit audio, and when hooked up to the Roland 2480 Digital Studio Workstation, it can also be used as a basic MIDI interface for synchronization between the 2480 and an audio sequencer via MIDI Time Code (MTC). It can also be used when running the Standard Midi File (SMF) updater software for updating the VS2480 Operating System. 

On the VS2480, up to 2 cards (check hardware availability) can be installed into a PC/Mac, offering you 16 channel i/o at 44.1/48kHz and 12 Channel at sample rates above and up to 96kHz. This is not reliant on the cards Digital Audio Converters (DAC's), but the fact that when using the VS-2480 for example, then any sample rate above 48kHz, offers only 12 tracks for recording use. This does not limit you of course to a mere 12 tracks! It is then possible to either clear the tracks recorded on your VS2480 and start over again, or simply choose your next available V-Track(s), and add another 12 to your PC/Mac audio software!

The RPC-1 card is inserted into any available PCI slot (32bit - Mac G5 owners note: This card is not 64bit compatible), and running with a VS2480, 2 cards may be utilized via their accompanying R-BUS cables. The latest software is available for both PC and Mac platforms, click here for software drivers.

A total of 4 RPC-1 cards may be installed into a PC/MAC. So if you own an R-BUS equipped sound module and a VS2480, then you have the fantastic ability of running your hardware directly to your audio software or the VS2480 for recording!

Even if you do not own an RPC-1 card, your R-BUS equipped sound modules may connect directly to the R-BUS port(s) of your VS2480 for direct-to-track recording.

RPC-1 Driver Downloads

RPC-1 Setup Info

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