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How to pick out a used Roland VS-2480

You can take a regular Roland 2480HD or 2480CD, upgrade the operating system to 2.504, add an external DVD burner, and have all of the functionality of the newest 2480DVD at a huge cost savings.

But how do you pick out a used Roland 2480?

My Roland VS-2480 was purchased used, and I have purchased a few more for resale... so I have experience in this area.

There are many very good quality used 2480's out there... some that have been barely used.

If you are purchasing one from an eBay seller or other online venue, make sure there are lot's of high quality photos. Pay attention to the transport buttons.

If the black portions on the white buttons are faded or worn off, this is an indication of heavy usage. 

Also look at the arm rest portion of the 2480.
If it looks like this:

It indicates heavy usage.
(You may note that the black on the stop and play
buttons on this unit are completely worn off!)

 There are plenty of good quality used 2480's out there... so no real reason to purchase a "worn out" one.

If it ships in it's original box... great! If it comes with a hard case... even better! Even if you don't plan on traveling with your 2480, if you happen to run across one with a hard case at a great price... you can ALWAYS resell the case after your 2480 arrives safely at your house. These cases are no longer manufactured and are in fairly high demand. They are great protection when shipping the 2480.

Look for package deals... effects cards, VGA monitors, CD burners, dust covers, speakers, etc... are often bundled with the unit when someone is getting rid of their entire setup.
(Note: you can always resell the extra parts you don't really need. For example, if it comes with a CD burner, but you are planning on getting an external DVD/CDR burner, you can always sell the CD burner later and make some cash.)

Like anything in life, use common sense and if the deal sounds-too-good-to-be-true... it probably is. But on the other hand, don't be too skeptical either. Musicians are notorious for buying more gear than they need or can use... then selling it cheaply when they are desperate for cash.

Good Luck... Have Fun... and Don't Waste Your Money on Brand New, when there are still so many good quality used 2480's out there.

And besides... the more $$$ you save on your 2480, the more $$$ you have to spend on other cool music gear!

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