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Cubase SX Control Surface Tutorial (pg. 1)

Setting up your VS-2480 to work with CUBASE SX as a control surface.
a tutorial by Andy Wheeler

Note before you start: This requires that you update your VS-2480's operating system to V2.011 or higher.  If you have not done so, it is highly recommended as it has new features and is very stable and bug free.  You will need MIDI IN and OUT connected between your VS and PC.  I recommend the RPC-1 card as it also comes with a little bonus...8 digital audio pipes in and out of your PC as well.  That is the connection that we will use in this tutorial. If you are going with a USB or similar route, you will be able to easily convert this tutorial for your needs.

 You will also need the CUBASE CS Driver files:

2480 CuBase SX Generic Remote Support.XLS
VS-2480 Track Template Project.cpr

Extract these files to the folder that you installed CuBase SX to.

Let's get started.  Fire up CUBASE SX. At this point you can just load the VS-2480 Track Template Project or
Create a project from scratch by going to--->File --->New Project.

Select the 24 track Audio Recorder template.

One thing to note here is to make sure that your recording in CUBASE at the same rate as your VS2480 project.  Otherwise you will run into problems down the road.

Next up, go to the Devices pulldown and select MIXER or hit F3 on your keyboard. This will open the mixer dialog with 24 faders galore.



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