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General Studio Tips


Sonar Tip Sheets 

Here is a list of interesting tips and tricks for Sonar users. I have gathered these from the web, mainly from Cakewalk and the Sound On Sound web site. These are not mine, and all copyright is related to the original owners.

I have downloaded these files and converted them to Adobe Acrobat files for easy reading, printing and filing. The files listed below are all contained in one self extracting file for ease of download.

Tip sheets included in download:

  • Sonar Tips/Automating FX And DXi's.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/clicks and pops.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Control Surface Set Up.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/effects PCs.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Studio from scratch.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Getting Started With Cyclone DXi.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/How To Use The DR-008.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/mains problems.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Power Tips 1.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Power Tips 2.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Power Tips 3.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Power Tips 4.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/recording real drums.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Remix Part 1.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Remix Part 2.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/sae.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Sonar Notes.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Using Dreamstation DXi.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Using Envelopes Creatively.pdf

  • Sonar Tips/Using Revalver.pdf



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