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Exporting Tracks to Sonar

Can you add extra tracks to your audio sequencer from the VS-2480 via the RPC-1 to a project created from exported tracks? Yes - you can! And all in perfect sync!

I wrote a while back that using the Track Export on the VS-2480 was excellent, due to the fact that all tracks, regardless of their original recorded lengths, were consolidated. This means that when you import those tracks from your CD-R to your audio sequencer program, they are placed exactly in sync from start to finish, within your audio sequencer. (See the Pro-Tools Screenshot).

I found this an excellent way to transfer Projects over to the PC/Mac, both for those with and those without the RPC-1/M-Audio R-BUS Delta cards.

Yesterday, I found out something even more amazing!

I had exported a Projects tracks to CD-R and imported them in to Sonar. I had no idea of the original BPM, but the 2480 was 120 (standard), so I put Sonar into 120 also. I imported the tracks and as usual, everything was fine and all my tracks played in perfect synch.

Then I wanted to add a strat comp guitar clean, and a distorted power guitar track to the imported material. My question was, would or could this run in synch, regardless of the fact that I had imported the original tracks via Track Export from the VS-2480? This was important to me, because I planned to record the tracks I wanted on to the VS-2480, and then run the Project in synch with Sonar and the imported tracks, but only record the 2 new guitar tracks from the VS-2480 directly in to Sonar via the RPC-1 card.

I recorded my 2 guitar tracks on to the VS-2480. I then opened Sonar and the imported tracks project. I set up Sonar to record 2 tracks via the RPC-1, in synch from the VS-2480 (Master) and arming the tracks in Sonar, I hit play on the VS-2480.

Voila! The imported tracks ran in perfect synch with my VS-2480 (as normal), but the great thing was that both the new guitar tracks were also in perfect synch with the imported audio tracks of Sonar!

This is excellent, because here (to re-cap), I exported my tracks from the VS-2480 to CD-R and imported them into Sonar. Then I added 2 more tracks to the VS-2480, and then recorded those over to the imported tracks in Sonar, via the RPC-1 card, all in perfect synch - brilliant!

Here is the final screen shot. The lower most tracks are the tracks I recorded on the fly.


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